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New YES MAYHEM album! – HH2

Chunk and Stem and Kevin and others make lots of racket… again. Read More »

Get a Stemage t-shirt because they are attractive and comfy

Seriously… look. Preorders are only up until March 2nd!

The latest with MM – and PAX East – and new song next week!

Hi guys! Been a while!

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Stemage releases Zero Over Zero and Grandia II cover EP for Japan Relief

New original album and cover EP for Japan Relief.

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New MM track on ‘Harmony of a Hunter’

It’s the 25th Anniversary of Metroid! Party! Here’s a NEW track on a NEW 2-CD compilation with NEW artwork. #new

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New Metroid Metal track next week on “Harmony of a Hunter”!


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Three MM Live shows this summer!

We’re going on tour! Read More »

MM playing Bit Gen Gamerfest!

In Baltimore July 30th. You can read more about BITGEN on Facebook, site, or Twitter. CAN’T WAIT!!

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Nerdapalooza, CubeeCraft, NGI, and the BEST of the REST

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. Here is the latest with everyone: Read More »

Ridley is Waiting

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon