Metroid Metal Turns 15 –
2003 was a long time ago


Metroid Metal – ‘Other Album’
The 3rd album from Metroid Metal is available NOW – details


– Stemage releases TRON album
A 30 minute album celebrating the music of Wendy Carlos (TRON – 1982) on Joypad Records

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Bit Gen Gamerfest, July 2022

First show in four years, in Baltimore!

(more…) Posted on 5/20

Metroid Metal LIVE in Houston, Sept 2, 2018



Posted on 7/10

Metroid Metal is 15 years old

Fifteen years ago today, I posted the first Metroid Metal track on the Gamecube IGNboards. (more…)

Posted on 4/17
Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon