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Metroid Metal is 15 years old

Fifteen years ago today, I posted the first Metroid Metal track on the Gamecube IGNboards.

Circa 2003:

Woah dude.

Back in 2003, there were no globalized social networking spaces like Myspace, so forums were king. “Metroid Metal” was a logical mp3 tag for that one song, and “Stemage” was simply my forum handle at the time.

A lot has changed. Also, not a lot has changed?

I won’t go through the history of the project since I did that with my ten year post, but I owe a lot to Metroid. Most everything in my life at this point can be traced back to Metroid. Where I live now, the most recent additions to my family, my friend base, my career, the way I perceive and create music – it all points back to morphy balls and fanged jellyfish.

I’ve given Metroid Metal little attention over the past five years. The last arrangement I posted was for the ten year anniversary. The last show the band played was two MAGFests ago. What’s going on?

Like most music makers, I’ve always directed my attention to whatever I find captivating at the time. Fifteen years ago, Metroid Metal was a vehicle for paying homage to my favorite game series and OSTs. Because of that project and events like MAGFest, I began meeting many musicians and wanted to explore other opportunities for collaboration. That led to my Marble Madness album. I became more comfortable with synths and finally tackled that impossible TRON tribute album. Later, I found the opportunity to start playing session guitar for television. I joined a few other groups like LONELYROLLINGSTARS and Viking Guitar Live and most recently Retro-Active Live. Now I have original music coming out in a Switch game next month (more on that soon). Things just continue moving forward. It isn’t that Metroid Metal fails to be interesting. It’s that my attention is divided by so many different interesting things.

There are many video game music arrangers out there that set themselves up with a quota and do their best to meet it. I applaud their discipline. I could have assimilated into new media and continued covering Metroid every few weeks, but I just don’t find that appealing. I want to stay driven to make new music without feeling that pressure to create. If I am not 100% into a song or project, that will be reflected in the final product. You would all notice, and I don’t want that.

Metroid Metal is not finished. It may never be finished. We don’t have gigs planned. I can’t speak to the next release. But I’m still here. We’re still here. We still love Metroid. I’d still like to see song and gig suggestions. And I hope that the other stuff that the band members work on will be of interest to all you lovely people in the meantime.

Chunkstyle and Kevin are the kings of Yes, Mayhem. Danimal Cannon continues his quest for world domination. Kirby Pufocia is working on new stuff. I’ve heard it. It rocks and there is a guitar WHAAAAT. For updates on Stemage stuff, you can follow me on Twitter or at

And yes, I have music in a Nintendo Switch game out next month. Follow the Stemage channels for more info on that as well in the coming weeks.

Thank you all so much for the positivity, criticism, and encouragement over the years. It has shaped who I am.

Lastly, I just want to give a big shout to the old Metroid Metal forum posse. Most of you guys don’t know this, but there is a core group of over a dozen Metroid Metal forum members that continue to keep in touch and room together at MAGFest every year. It’s the best crew, and I’m so thankful that this tight company was born from the forum wastelands and continues to carry on in fellowship. Y’all are awesome. <3

See you next mission,

– Grant

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