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2 new shows – new music – newness

Yay concerts! We’re playing two shows this summer (so far).

Bit Gen Gamerfest is June 30th in Baltimore, MD. Bit Gen is comprised of wall to wall video game music on a single day – with other fun stuff thrown in. CRAZY list of bands this year! For the full band list and details, check out http://www.bitgengamerfest.comFollow:  FacebookTwitter

Nerdapalooza is a weekend of video game music, art, and antics across the full range of genres and archetypes. It’s a blast. Nerdapalooza lives in Orlando, FL Aug 3-5. Last year was our first Nerdapalooza, and there is nothing quite like it. We are PUMPED. Follow: Facebook Twitter

In other neeeewwws,

Chunkstyle just released the new Yes Mayhem album, HH2. It features several members of MM and is an incredible follow up to the album from last year. Check it out on BandcampFollow: FacebookTwitter

Stemage is almost done with the Marble Madness album. A tracklist and guestlist has just been posted on, and the album should be out in a few weeks. (this is why you don’t have a new MM song yet. ;) ). Follow: FacebookTwitter

Danimal Cannon is going on tour!! He’s cranking out mondo tunes and has new shirts available for the tour as well. Shows are listed on BandcampFollow:  FacebookTwitter

Re: ‘Troid Metal, there is a new track (and a half) in the works, but it’s been put behind the new Marble Madness album and a few other projects. The cloning project isn’t going so well. Pseudo-Stemage has an attitude problem and can’t figure out how to use basic tools. More MM as soon as possible! That’s it for now – love you guys!

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon