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Nerdapalooza, CubeeCraft, NGI, and the BEST of the REST

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. Here is the latest with everyone:

Metroid Metal is playing Nerdapalooza! —

If you are in Orlando during the weekend of July 16-17, 2011, you are probably there for for Nerdapalooza. If you aren’t there for that reason, you are now. Come enjoy chiptunes, nerdcore hiphop, video game metal, sock puppet rock, dementia parody, and other nonsense just inches away from the wicked heat of the Florida outdoors. Nerdapalooza is becoming a mainstay, and we’re honored and freak-out excited to be playing. :) Check out for details on the event.

THIS JUST IN! We’re also playing the BIT GEN GAMERFEST in Baltimore on July 30th! So many shows (2)! Facebook, site, or Twitter. CAN’T WAIT!!

Protect your home from evil encounters with a make-your-own MM Cubeecraft ‘troid —

Chris from Cubeecraft has put together a pretty amazing template for a MM-themed Cubeecraft. It’s adorable and cool as all hell. Check out the site for details and instructions. If you aren’t familiar with Cubeecraft, you’re welcome.

Nitro Game Injection complete with Battle Beasts —

Stemage hung with the crew from NGI to talk about VG remixes, games, the bulk of MM’s history, and bad Metroid games. It’s a long, casual interview and a happy time. You can check out the podcast here. There’s also a previously unlreased Stemage track in there. It’s only there. And it will be ‘only there’ for a while. Check it out.

OTHER STUFF – The MM guys have their own bits going on. Here’s the quick rundown: —

The new Stemage album will be released in June, 2011. Also coming are two new Metroid Metal tracks. One will be on the Metroid 25th Anniversary album (Metroid 2 Queen), and the other one is being worked on because it has to be… being worked on. – – Also coming is a cover of some Grandia 2 music for the hero jroop, for a MAGfest Japan Relief project. We’ll give this one 16% completed.

Danimal Cannon is still RULING the chip scene. You can check out a quick collection of his tunes here:

Kirby Pufocia put together an EP of tunes using the Korg DS-10 called Ass Whole, The Musical. You can nab it here: I recommend Destroy Embrace Behoove, and the Kraid cover is scarily accurate.

Chunkstyle and Kevin (BDE (Best Drummer Ever)) are working feverishly on new Yes, Mayhem tunes. They already have enough to constitute an EP, but instead they are shoving forward with the ferocity of Deer Stalker, and will likely unleash their creation in the next Eon. More will be posted here as it comes together, but right now, it kills. You can acquire the latest Yes, Mayhem release here:

Thanks for the support! More shows and project updates on the way!

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon