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Virt, Stemage, and others are auctioning a custom remix for Japan Relief

We will cover ANY song from ANY game, name it! Details. has a series of auctions up to raise money for Japan relief. 100% of proceeds go to the Red Cross.

Included in the list are a bunch of gullible game remixers (including Stemage, virt, Snappleman, Tony Dickenson, and NORG) that will cover ANY song from ANY game – take your pick! The auctions can all be found at

There are tonsĀ of amazing things up for auction. People are really reaching out with MAG to try and gather as much funding as possible. It’s beautiful.

So check out for all the dirty details!

Ridley is Waiting

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon