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The MM crew at MAGfest 12!

We have quite the list of goodies lined up. LET’S DO THIS.

Metroid Metal isn’t playing MAGfest year, but we’ll all be there. That fact points back to me (Stemage). I’m playing in two other bands this year – neither of which have played together before, so I convinced the other guys to sit this one out for my own sanity. <3 Only Danimal Cannon can realistically tackle 3 acts in a single show. The rest of the band are regular ole humans.

THAT SAID, we’ll all be there. :) And we have quite the todo list. Here’s a rundown of what the MM boys have going on at MAGfest 12 in order of happenings:

Thursday 6:00-7:00 (Panels 3)
Stemage and Chunkstyle will be joining the Metroid Database panel. Come celebrate some ‘troid with us!

Friday 12:00-12:40 (Stage 2)
Stemage and his lil brother are playing with Viking Guitar Live. There will be a surprise or two in this set. Be there. ‘Twill be heavy.

Friday 2:00-2:30 (Chiptune Stage)
Danimal Cannon mauls the chiptune stage.

Friday 5:00-5:50 (Stage 2)
Danimal will own all of MAG as usual with  the mighty Arm Cannon.

Saturday 3:00-3:40pm (Stage 2)
Stemage plays with his new group, LONELYROLLINGSTARS with some VGM vets – along with a new album.

Saturday 9:20-10:10 (Main Stage)
Maybe you didn’t know this, but Kevin is the official drummer for Those Who Fight! They will rock main stage Sat night. OMG can’t wait.

Kirby has several cameos lined up. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to post lol. Come find us!

Here’s the full schedule. You can always download the Guidebook app and search for MAGfest – very helpful.

See you guys there!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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