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See you at PAX East 2011!

The bands are confirmed, and the list incluuuuudes…

Good news! We’re headed to PAX East! It’s the weekend of March 11-13, 2011. That’s only a few weeks away people. The list of bands this year includes:

Jonathan Coulton
Paul & Storm
MC Frontalot
The Protomen
The Video Game Orchestra
Metroid Metal

Also happening is the JAMSPACE sponsored by MAGfest. Last year’s was pretty amazing. There will be plenty of room to rock with strangers, chiptune performances, and other special events. The gear is provided! Just show up and jam.

I’ve already started hearing rumors about some of the things that MAY take place at this year’s concerts. If you are considering the trip, consider quick, or it may sell out like last year. You guys already know about PAX, and if you don’t, WAKE UP Y’ALL. Boston was a great choice for the convention last year, and we are honored to be asked back.

Oh, and BOSTON RULES! So get up there and hang out with us!!



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