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‘Other Album’ from Metroid Metal – AVAILABLE NOW

surprise lol.

The hype surrounding new album releases can be a little much. So hey, if Beyoncé can do it, why not? WE MADE A NEW ALBUM, AND HERE IT IS. :)


And yes, it is titled ‘Other Album‘.

It has been a VERY long time since Expansion Pack, but we haven’t stopped playing shows. We tallied some songs that never made it onto a CD, and it’s about 40 minutes worth. How about that. So, here you go. :)

Each band album has been its own interesting exercise, because everyone gets to add their own stylings to songs originally built by two people. It’s a hell of a fun experiment.

As a band, we are a little more used to this cross-country engineering thing, and we’ve all gotten a little better at production over the years. In so many words, this album is heavy as hell. It’s by far the most visceral, pounding, and dark album we’ve done. The best part? It’s all live takes. If you would ever consider our old albums “guitar” albums, this is certainly a rhythm section record. Kevin’s drums are unedited with no replacements, and Dan bought a frickin’ 5-string. It’s a little ridiculous. They’re a little ridiculous. Cheers, boys. <3

We also made digipacks this time. They’re pretty.

Several more shows are lined up for this year, and I have frameworks for a few new MM songs. I just haven’t found time to finish them. Last year was twice as busy for songwriting as the year prior, and that may not change any time soon. I have to make some time for Metroid though. Making time is easier than finding time.

Thanks for the support guys! We hope you enjoy ‘Other Album‘!

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