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New Metroid Metal track is almost done! But in the meantime,

Here’s SOMETHING to listen to…

It’s off to to sir Chunkstyle for the low end and a few other parts, but yeah – done soon. It’s kinda heavy.

SO WHILE YOU WAIT, check out this sampler from a new project I just finished. I’ve been given the opportunity to compose my first soundtrack for a video game. A bit backwards right?

The game is called Alpha Squad, a shooter/adventure game developed by Dragon Divide coming out on Xbox Live this summer. The soundtrack will be purchasable (cheap) through Bandcamp, and is over 40 minutes in length. THIS is why you haven’t heard the new MM track yet. ;)

Here’s a quick sampler of 3 tunes from the game – City, Sewer, and Winter levels:

To hear more upcoming tracks, info on release and to stay up with news on the game, you can follow the Stemage Facebook page. There’s other new stuff on there too.

And here’s some super cool artwork (click for hi res):

New MM track soon!

Rock n roll,


Ridley is Waiting

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