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Metroid Metal presents Expansion Pack (the new EP)

“…a capsule containing an unknown life form that had just been discovered on Planet SR388. This life-form is in a state of suspended animation, but can be reactivated and will multiply when exposed to beta rays for 24 hours…”

UPDATE 9-2-10 The album is out!!
We also have someĀ new threads and stuff. Hope you all like it!

UPDATE 8-21-10 – Check out Kevin recording for Expansion Pack:

UPDATE 8-30-10 – Listen to Brinstar (Super Metroid) from Expansion Pack:

It’s been 2.5 years since I first approached the now-members of MM to play this stuff live. The songs gained new life with the live project, so Varia Suite happened.

We’re kind of a band now, and bands play shows. Other MM songs have slipped into the setlists over the years, and those songs have earned a sound of their own as well. So with that, we are happy to introduce Expansion Pack – the new EP.

Consider it an add-on to the Varia Suite album. It’s a 27 minute collection of 6 songs – one track that we haven’t played live before (first time is PAX).

EP will be available for download the weekend of PAX (9/4/10), and you can pay what you want for it on Bandcamp. If you want a CD with super-fun artwork (by Robbie Player, the guy that did the VS art), it will be available for an unreasonably low price from Silent Uproar Records. It’s really just an expansion on songs that are already available, and an extention of the Varia Suite record. However, we’ve grown as a band, and we’ve grown in our production as well. It kicks pretty hard. We hope you like it. :) It’s a nice little upgrade.

Here is a better quality sampler of the album on Bandcamp if you don’t want the distractions of that video. ;)

We’ll be putting out more info about the record with some video from the drum recording session and a full song in the coming weeks, because HEY! You know! Choo choo!

– Granty Pants

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