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Going to PAX? CONTEST 4 U!

Here it is – the “Run Around PAX Finding Clues for Free Stuff… Contest”. We’re serious. Free to enter! Not everyone is a winner!

At PAX, we will place three markers with clues around the PAX facilities. The three clues will be fragments that create a full sentence when combined. The first person to gather the clues, form the sentence, come to the MM merch booth, and recite the sentence, wins the astronomically huge prize (OK not that big – should fit in a breadbox).

We’ll release the location to the clues as GPS coordinates >>>ON THIS PAGE<<<, and we’ll link them from this here, Twitter and Facebook. We will also provide nearby cross streets and a Google Map, for those with no GPS capabilities.

The clues will be encoded as QR codes, which are matrix barcodes. Most modern phones support applications that read QR codes, so search for your phone model and “QR codes” to find a compatible app. Some smartphones already have this functionality built in, so just ask Google. If you happen to have your PKE Meter™ with you, those work too.

Here is what a QR code looks like.
This one says “Metroid Metal”.

It’s basically geocaching for QR codes!

We’ll place the clues Friday morning. Hopefully, we can award the winner later that day/night. If necessary, the hunt will extend into Saturday. As soon as someone nabs the prize, we’ll post here, Twitter, and Facebook so you aren’t left hunting after the prize has been ACQUIRED.

If your phone doesn’t do GPS or read QR codes, then you must go home. Kidding. All you do is simply snap photos of the three markers, download them to a computer, laptop or web enabled phone and upload them to the ZXing online decoder:

See you all in Seattle!

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