Varia Suite – the new album

Varia Suite contains a collection of MM tunes rerecorded and “redone a bit” by the members of MM live. At over 50 minutes, It marks the first official release by Metroid Metal, has fresh production with a new take on some songs, and is out under Silent Uproar Records. For a sampling of the new record, or to purchase it digitally (mp3, FLAC, ogg, etc), head to or check out the promo video below for a quick taste of everything.

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Download digitally (MP3, Ogg, FLAC) from Bandcamp

Varia Suite Track List:

1. Prelude (SM)
2. Lower Norfair (SM)
3. Brinstar (NES)
4. Item Room (NES)
5. Item Collect (NES)
6. Kraid (NES)
7. Ridley (NES)
8. Phendrana Drifts (MP)
9. Boss Medley (SM)
10. The Tunnel (M2)
11. Space Pirates (MP)
12. Maridia/Escape (SM/NES)
13. Ending (NES)
14. Theme (NES)

If you have any questions about Varia Suite, or other stuff, please contact me.

Metroid Metal Live is:

Guitar – Grant Henry (Stemage)
Guitar – Dan Behrens (danimal)
Guitar – Micheal Molnar (Kirby Pufocia)
Bass – Dan Taylor (chunkstyle)
Drums – Kevin Lawrence (Cheddar)

Ridley is Waiting

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