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Varia Suite “Doujin Album of the Year” from Original Sound Version

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Metroid Metal Live at PAX East

True story.

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New Stemage track on the upcoming Songs for the Cure ’10

An exclusive new Stemage tune will be on the upcoming cancer prevention compilation.

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New T-shirt – Blue Baby Chozo takes over the world!

It’s true, I mean look at this face:

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MAGfest 8: I can’t feel my most of me

MAGfest 8 was such a tornado of awesome. You’ve never felt so much love and power for video game music in one place. Read More »

MAGfest 8 – The MONSTROUS band roster *or* the MONSTROSTER

Look at this list of bands.  How could you NOT go to this? Read More »

The MDB’s Make-a-Metroid Contest

The Metroid Database is having a contest to celebrate their 13th anniversary. Read More »

New MM track! Super Metroid Ending available

Here it is – the last “few” notes of the Super Metroid soundtrack. Thanks to Chunkstyle for his bass mastery, and Adam (my bro) for the drum solo snippets. Read More »

Tickets available to see MM Live in Asheville, NC

It’s truuue!!!  There’s a poster and everything!  Tickets HERE.

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NEW MM live show for 2009 – and new website!

You guys already know about the magical MAGfest 8 in DC just after the turn of the new year.  We’re happy to announced MM Live will also be playing in Asheville, NC on November 20, 2009! Oh… and a new! Read More »

Ridley is Waiting

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon