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Metroid Prime / Tallon Overworld

Track Game Length Date Posted
Tallon Overworld Metroid Prime 5:44 11/15/2010

Additional Details / Original Tracks

Arranged and performed by Grant Henry (Stemage)

Dan “chunkstyle” Taylor on bass.

NOTE: The link above is the 224kbps mp3. If you’d rather have 320, grab the file here.
(ipods can sometimes have problems with 320kbps, so I’ve made that an “option”).

Original Tallon Overworld from Metroid Prime:

Thanks for listening! Tallon is long overdue. It was fun bringing together the more melodic elements from these two tunes.

FoxDragon was swell enough to offer his visual expertise for the release of this track, and I’m completely blown away. The detail in this piece is phenominal. I decided to get Burnsy and made a video. Youtube doesn’t really show detail though. Be sure to click the link below to get the MASSIVE version of his creation. It will blow your mind.


Thanks for listening!

The 45-minute Alpha Squad soundtrack should be out in only a few weeks for $name-your-own-price. “Keep up” for updates. Bye!

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