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Super Metroid / Super Metroid Ending

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Super Metroid Ending Super Metroid 5:04 11/12/2009

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Original ending theme from Super Metroid (click to play – right click to download)

Arranged and performed by Grant Henry (Stemage)

Dan Taylor on bass

Adam Henry on “drum solo ambiance”

Here it is – the last “few” notes of the Super Metroid soundtrack. It’s a wild one – taking the shape of something more like Boss Medley in structure, as opposed to the verse/chorus/verse style of other newer tracks. It’s very “old school” in that regard.

There are 3 distinct movements with segues. I did a lot of experimentation with guitar sounds and soundstage (check it out on headphones). I also recorded one of my brother’s drum solos and turned it into ambiance – you’ll hear it. The funny thing is that all this music exists in the original track in the same order. Be sure to listen to the original to compare. It was already a mess. ;)

So yeah, welcome to my crazy huge prog epic thing – hope you like it. It hurt my most-of-me.

I have firm plans for the next track, and I want to get the foot back up on the monitor for it.  So, you can expect a pretty straight forward metal track. You can’t really take it further into space than with the ending of Super Metroid.

Thanks to Chunkstyle for his bass mastery, and Adam (my bro) for the drum solo snippets! <3 you boys!

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