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Metroid Fusion / Sector 4

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Sector 4 Metroid Fusion 4:44 04/18/2013

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Arranged and performed by Grant Henry (Stemage) w/Dan Taylor on bass

YAY FUSION! This one was fun. We wanted to go for something groovy. I am experimenting with a new drumset. It’s the kit from my favorite drummer right now, Travis Orbin. Sorry it’s been so long since the last track – busy with a million other projects, and I have a TRON album coming out this summer. Best places to keep up with everything that ain’t Metroid are the Stemage Twitter, Facebook, or

Chunkstyle is killing it as usual. This is the first track with his new Carvin. SNARLS!

As per usual, AMAZING Sector 4 art from FoxDragonBe sure to check out his website for more awesome work. It’s a pretty amazing piece. You can watch the making-of on YouTube.

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