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Metroid Fusion / Sector 1

Track Game Length Date Posted
Sector 1 Metroid Fusion 6:06 06/06/2010

Additional Details / Original Tracks

Arranged and performed by Grant Henry (Stemage)

Featuring Dan “chunkstyle” Taylor on bass

The original Metroid Fusion Sector 1: youtubemp3

Thank you all for your patience. I spent a long time on this one. It was fun to get back to something HEAVY.

Chunkstyle is working the sub on this one. I intentionally pulled out a lot of the lowmid on my rhythm so he could fill it out. Together we will take over the world.

Hope you enjoy this track. :) Other than the thrashy bridge, it’s actually very true to the original song. I just stretched the parts WAY out.

Also, the amazing homepage banner artwork is from FoxDragon. Be sure to check out his website for more awesome work. It’s a pretty sweet piece, so I decided to cut it up into a few different sizes for those of you that might want a wallpaper. It’s an amazing design with a lot of detail. Check it:

Metroid Fusion - Sector 1 by Fox Dragon


Single monitor wallpapers
1024×768 – version 1
1024×768 – version 2
1280×800 – version 1
1280×800 – version 2

Dual monitor wallpapers (Instructions on making the full res version dual screen)
1280×800 – LEFT
1280×800 – RIGHT
1280×1024 – LEFT
1280×1024 – RIGHT

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