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The best MAGfest yet?

MAGfest 9, 2011 was astounding on a number of levels.The show went wonderfully. We played Metroid Fusion – Sector 1 live for the first time, and we also snuck in a special Transformers (1986) track for Norg, one of ourĀ favorite people. Nario made an appearance on stage and played Metroid ON A DANCEPAD. The lovely 9-year-old Chunklette (chunkstyle‘s daughter) got to make her stage debut and introduce the band, as Samus of course.

The MM show was full of crazy, but that was only a microcosm of the entire MAG9 experience. This was the first year that MAGfest 9 sold out, and somehow… some way… the crew was able to keep it all together. From a band perspective, we could not have been more take care of. Even with 6 bands on Friday, the show somehow ended ON TIME. There are always crazy hotel happenings that plant entries in the MAG lore. But compared to other years, even with so many people, things felt together. It was really special and tight.

Danimal had his fill of rockstar over the weekend. The limitless bastard ended up playing 3 shows in 24 hours. Arm Cannon rocked it the same night as MM, and the very next day, he hit the main stage again for a sensational chiptune set, playing guitar on top of his original compositions.

Saturday, Kirby and Temp Sound Solutions hit the jamspace to play a short set of some of their best tunes (Halloween was appreciated), and Stemage got up with Aaron from the Minibosses and a few other wonderful people to cover some their favorite FAILURE songs. I’ll see what I can do to get some media up of all the aforementioned pseudo-shows.

MAGfest is the reason Metroid Metal is a band, and a lot has happened since that first MAG experience. Thank you a million times over to Brendan and the MAG crew for building something with so much substance and positivity – and letting us be a part of it.

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon