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PAX Happened. Sweet. Now what?

Where is the new Metroid Metal song? When is the next show? What the heck is that?

Thanks to the fans, the Penny crew, the Enforcers, and all the awesome bands that helped make the PAX East concert experience what it was. The lineup this year was crazy solid. Be sure to check out tunes from The Protomen, AnamanaguchiMC Frontalot, The Video Game OrchestraPaul and Storm, & Jonathan Coulton. WHAT A TASTY LIST!

There’s a good bit of footage of the MM set online, including the bouncy ‘troids that were quickly dismantled by the crowd (for good reasons – they be dangerous):

Metroid_Metal_PAX_east_2010_1_by_NickelEdgephoto by NickelEdge

In addition to the actual MM show, chunkstyle, Cheddar, and myself were lucky enough to provide a rock backbone for the Jonathan Coulton show on Saturday night with Paul and Storm. Oh my it was a blast! You can check out some footage from the show here. (thanks danimal!)

So what now? Where is the new Metroid Metal track? Here’s a quick list of stuff going on:

I’ve been sinking time into a soundtrack for an Xbox Live Indie game coming out this summer. I’ll be posting more details and track samples soon on my Stemage Facebook page, but it will be a full length album for sale on Bandcamp. So stay tuned.

I’ve been working hard on a full length instrumental Stemage record due out later this year. There first track from that can be heard on the Facebook page right now.

I just finished a track on the new IWADON Tribute Album covering Ninja Warriors from the SNES. You can stream that track on It’s the first full game cover I’ve done on my own that isn’t Metroid. Sup with that?

Chunkstyle is putting the finishing touches on the new Yes Mayhem record, a full album of original material written by chunkstyle and performed by a collection of chunk’s musical brethren – including Cheddar on drums, myself, Xoc, Ryan8bit, and others. Think of it as chunk’s own personal supergroup – creating a record with an amazing amount of variety and punch. This album will RULE. He’s posting updates on the project over at

Danimal is hard at work with Arm Cannon as always, but he’s also tracking a new demo for his balls-out original project WeaponX and venturing into some super-secret video production antics. This I gotta see.

When Kirby isn’t overly busy being sexy, he’s still doin’ it live with Temp Sound Solutions. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the latest record, NYPWP9, it’s their best one yet. Go do that.

So yeah, we’re all busy. Between 2 albums of new material, I haven’t been able to finish the new Metroid Metal track yet, but it’s being worked on hhhhhard. It should be a hitter – perfect for the live group. It’s been requested a lot.

MM live? Nothing is on the public schedule yet for the next MM Live show (as you can see), but we are not done popping inflated ‘troids. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Ever since last weekend, I haven’t been able to stop thinking back to 2003 when I did that first MM tune on my 8-track. I never thought it would go beyond that – much less spawn a band with the coolest guys ever. Thank you super-cool bandmates, and thank you everyone for listening. This project wouldn’t have lasted 7 full years if it wasn’t for the people giving the tunes attention. Thank you all a million times over.

– Stem

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon