Other Stemage-involved tracks (not Metroid Metal)

I have a full length album of original material you can read about here, with another one coming soon. Here is some other stuff:

Other Tracks (non Metroid Metal) Length Original Date
Ground Pink – original composition 3:19 5/20/2006
“The 1up Show” theme song cover
– For the Rock Band episode of “The 1up show”:
1:38 Listen here 11/2/2007
A Spartan Aria
– original composition for Halo 3 soundtrack contest
2:57 11/11/2007
Actraiser – Teddy’s Bread
– for Dwelling of Duels Competition
– w/Dan Taylor on bass
4:47 midi1midi2
BTMNTBAMLOL-TMNT3: Manhattan Project
– arranged and performed by danimal
– Stemage only played drums
– for Dwelling of Duels Competition
– final solo by kbart
5:33 original NSF 1/9/2009

Ridley is Waiting

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