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‘Other Album’ from Metroid Metal – AVAILABLE NOW

surprise lol.

The hype surrounding new album releases can be a little much. So hey, if Beyoncé can do it, why not? WE MADE A NEW ALBUM, AND HERE IT IS. :)


And yes, it is titled ‘Other Album‘.

It has been a VERY long time since Expansion Pack, but we haven’t stopped playing shows. We tallied some songs that never made it onto a CD, and it’s about 40 minutes worth. How about that. So, here you go. :)

Each band album has been its own interesting exercise, because everyone gets to add their own stylings to songs originally built by two people. It’s a hell of a fun experiment.

As a band, we are a little more used to this cross-country engineering thing, and we’ve all gotten a little better at production over the years. In so many words, this album is heavy as hell. It’s by far the most visceral, pounding, and dark album we’ve done. The best part? It’s all live takes. If you would ever consider our old albums “guitar” albums, this is certainly a rhythm section record. Kevin’s drums are unedited with no replacements, and Dan bought a frickin’ 5-string. It’s a little ridiculous. They’re a little ridiculous. Cheers, boys. <3

We also made digipacks this time. They’re pretty.

Several more shows are lined up for this year, and I have frameworks for a few new MM songs. I just haven’t found time to finish them. Last year was twice as busy for songwriting as the year prior, and that may not change any time soon. I have to make some time for Metroid though. Making time is easier than finding time.

Thanks for the support guys! We hope you enjoy ‘Other Album‘!

>>teaser trailer<<


Two shows coming up!

We’re playing San Fran in March and Boston in April.

We’ve never been to California! WHAT is up with that.

We’re proud to be on the roster for Band Saga, a show at San Fran’s DNA Lounge on March 21st this year – the Friday of GDC. Here’s the event with more details.

And oh my, WE’RE AT PAX EAST! We’re honored. And we will bring surprises. Unfortunately, PAX East is sold out, but if you’re going… let’s rock.

And yes.. more shows to come. :) As well as other new goodies.

The MM crew at MAGfest 12!

We have quite the list of goodies lined up. LET’S DO THIS.

Metroid Metal isn’t playing MAGfest year, but we’ll all be there. That fact points back to me (Stemage). I’m playing in two other bands this year – neither of which have played together before, so I convinced the other guys to sit this one out for my own sanity. <3 Only Danimal Cannon can realistically tackle 3 acts in a single show. The rest of the band are regular ole humans.

THAT SAID, we’ll all be there. :) And we have quite the todo list. Here’s a rundown of what the MM boys have going on at MAGfest 12 in order of happenings:

Thursday 6:00-7:00 (Panels 3)
Stemage and Chunkstyle will be joining the Metroid Database panel. Come celebrate some ‘troid with us!

Friday 12:00-12:40 (Stage 2)
Stemage and his lil brother are playing with Viking Guitar Live. There will be a surprise or two in this set. Be there. ‘Twill be heavy.

Friday 2:00-2:30 (Chiptune Stage)
Danimal Cannon mauls the chiptune stage.

Friday 5:00-5:50 (Stage 2)
Danimal will own all of MAG as usual with  the mighty Arm Cannon.

Saturday 3:00-3:40pm (Stage 2)
Stemage plays with his new group, LONELYROLLINGSTARS with some VGM vets – along with a new album.

Saturday 9:20-10:10 (Main Stage)
Maybe you didn’t know this, but Kevin is the official drummer for Those Who Fight! They will rock main stage Sat night. OMG can’t wait.

Kirby has several cameos lined up. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to post lol. Come find us!

Here’s the full schedule. You can always download the Guidebook app and search for MAGfest – very helpful.

See you guys there!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Come see MM Live – Durham, NC – Oct 4th, 2013… Game Over dude!

MAGFest‘s touring concert series comes to North Carolina! Come enjoy an evening of arcade games, chiptune acts, and video game music cover bands. $10 cover

Game Over has been selling out all over the east coast. If you want tickets early, you can get them from Ticketfly.

>>Here’s the Facebook Event page<<

Performers Include:

Metroid Metal
Danimal Cannon
Bit Brigade
D&D Sluggers
Eight Bit Disaster
D20 Burlesque

Good luck Durham.

Metroid Metal is TEN YEARS OLD (new song and ramblings to celebrate)

It has been a year since the last track posting. How about that! I would consider it a sad fact if it wasn’t for the wealth of projects and collaborations as of late. It’s been a damn good year.

As I always say, thank you guys for the interest and support over the last forever. Strangely, I received many emails in the last few months asking about more Fusion, so hello irony:

 ————> Metroid Fusion Metal – Sector 4 <————

Moving on…

So yeah, Metroid Metal is ten years old. That is almost a third of my life. Some 14-year-old kid who saw the first track on the IGNboards is likely married now. Six Metroid games (with spinoffs) have been released since the project started.

…ugh… old… ANYWAY,

I owe a lot to Metroids, as obnoxious as they may be. If it wasn’t for the Metroid series, I have no idea where I’d be musically at this stage in my life. Every song has been a tiny boot camp experience. It has caused me (us) to get more experimental, play with new technology, fight with sonics, and attempt some different styles.

It’s possible that Chunk and myself would have ended up in the VGM scene in some way, but I’m not sure in what capacity. Back when this project started, the VGM scene was way more niche. Things have changed so much in ten years. The rock/metal VGM stuff has thrived, and the scene has spilled over into every genre imaginable. If you own a computer and have an instrument, you can join in and pay homage in your own way. But yeah, we owe a lot to Metroid.

The intention was never to create a “project”. I just thought it would be fun to rock out the NES theme song and dust off the 8-track and drum machine.

 - my babies

OCR and The Minibosses were already well known in ’03, but there weren’t a ton of experimental prog arrangements at the time. Why not give it a shot? I completed the NES Theme and Kraid and bought the domain that made the most sense. That was before Myspace, so I had the artist from Silent Uproar whip up a messageboard (lol “messageboard”). YouTube wasn’t around yet obviously. Facebook hah! The closest thing to Soundcloud we had was Ah, them was the days.

Back then – due to hardware limitations – once an idea was together, it was down and then out. I didn’t over think everything, and most songs were less than three minutes. It was simple. It had to be. I recorded on a frickin’ 8-track.

I met Chunkstyle back in college when he played in a band called Milkface (’98?). Years later, Chunk and a friend showed up at my house one night and said I was required to pack gear and join a band that night, so I did. That band was Blue Dot. Kevin (MM drummer) was also in Blue Dot. We performed a few of the MM songs live for fun, but that wasn’t the point of Blue Dot.

Then MAGfest happened to us. Then Danimal and Kirby and Kevin. Then what… PAX? And a band CD? Oh ok.


Everyone in the band is busy on their own projects. I don’t plan on waiting another year to put out another song, FYI. Re: Metroid Metal, we have something coming. We wanted it to hit this date, but that did not happen by a mile. I’ll post more about it when it makes sense. Let’s just say that we are not playing shows all over the world, right? And when I get an email from some dudette in Brazil that wants us to come to frickin’ Brazil, it makes me sad. Let’s just say that this project is related to that.

Also, a big shout to Nate for offering artwork like madman. All I did was ask him years ago to use a sketch-a-day slot and make a single Metroid Metal banner, and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. Cheers, FoxDragon.

If I could tell the me of ten years ago that things would go this long, eventually I’d tackle the Marble Madness music with 7 guests, the core of MM would become Yes Mayham, and I’d be releasing a TRON album (June this year woot!), I would have never believed it. But HEY, it did, and it is, and more will.

I can’t say I remember much of the guy that started the project back in ’03. Some claim that people never change, but we don’t listen to those people. Just go back and read your email from 10 years ago. Who the hell was that? All I know is that I’m grateful beyond expression for this opportunity. I’d like to think this has somehow molded me into a better musician, engineer, song-writer and hopefully… person.

Thank you guys again. We owe it all to you guys…. the ones who just read ^^^all that shit up there. ^^^

Chunk, Danimal, Kirby, Kevin – love you boys.

If you want to stay up to date on what that Metroid Metal guy is doing when he is not giving Metroid nearly enough attention, feel free to follow the Stemage Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or That’s where I live mostly, come visit and chat with me. There is a whole lot happening, especially over these next few months.

Here’s to another 10 years of music and some decent new Metroid games, geez. I guess there’s that 2.5d Batman game coming out from the Retro guys. There’s that.

Hope you guys like the Fusion track!

Thanks y’all!


 - photo by Jeriaska

Asheville Show! Oct 13th with Minibosses and Danimal Cannon

Almost last minute?

Fanaticon has been Asheville, NC’s only comic convention in years past, but it is no more. NOW COMES the Asheville Comic Expo.

Along with the day’s events, there’s an after party at the Emerald Lounge, and we’re playing along with The Minibosses and Danimal Cannon. If you’re attending the day’s events, the show is only $3. Otherwise, it’s a measly $5.

Show Saturday, Oct 13th 2012, 9:00pm

Hope to see you locals (and regionals) there! Here are some helpful links:


Shows and Music and Etc

2 new shows – new music – newness

Yay concerts! We’re playing two shows this summer (so far).

Bit Gen Gamerfest is June 30th in Baltimore, MD. Bit Gen is comprised of wall to wall video game music on a single day – with other fun stuff thrown in. CRAZY list of bands this year! For the full band list and details, check out http://www.bitgengamerfest.comFollow:  FacebookTwitter

Nerdapalooza is a weekend of video game music, art, and antics across the full range of genres and archetypes. It’s a blast. Nerdapalooza lives in Orlando, FL Aug 3-5. Last year was our first Nerdapalooza, and there is nothing quite like it. We are PUMPED. Follow: Facebook - Twitter

In other neeeewwws,

Chunkstyle just released the new Yes Mayhem album, HH2. It features several members of MM and is an incredible follow up to the album from last year. Check it out on BandcampFollow: FacebookTwitter

Stemage is almost done with the Marble Madness album. A tracklist and guestlist has just been posted on, and the album should be out in a few weeks. (this is why you don’t have a new MM song yet. ;) ). Follow: FacebookTwitter

Danimal Cannon is going on tour!! He’s cranking out mondo tunes and has new shirts available for the tour as well. Shows are listed on BandcampFollow:  FacebookTwitter

Re: ‘Troid Metal, there is a new track (and a half) in the works, but it’s been put behind the new Marble Madness album and a few other projects. The cloning project isn’t going so well. Pseudo-Stemage has an attitude problem and can’t figure out how to use basic tools. More MM as soon as possible! That’s it for now – love you guys!

New YES MAYHEM album! – HH2

Chunk and Stem and Kevin and others make lots of racket… again.

Chunkstyle just released the second Yes Mayhem album, HH2! Stemage plays guitar on it along with Kevin (MM) on drums, James Moats on vocals, and a pile of other guests. It’s a crazy mashup of rock influences. If you want to hear what the MM guys do when we’re not doing… Metroid stuff, name your price for HH2 on Bandcamp – it’s awesome!

Get a Stemage t-shirt because they are attractive and comfy

Seriously… look. Preorders are only up until March 2nd!

The latest with MM – and PAX East – and new song next week!

Hi guys! Been a while!

A lot has happened with each of us outside of Metroid Metal. So while there is some MM news, I thought it would make sense to let you all know what we’ve been up to. How ’bout that.

Metroid Metal

  • PAX East!! We’re coming back to Boston! The lineup this year is completely awesome. 3-day badges are sold out, but there are still single-day passes available if you are considering the trip.
  • New song next week! It’s been a while since the last track, and Chunk and myself have been working hard on it. We hope you like it. Be sure to watch Facebook and Twitter for updates on when it goes live.


  • I’ve been working on a few things. For the full list of the projects from 2011, check out this post on
  • TMNT track for a new OCR compilation coming out.
  • I’m also working on another EP of VGM music, but I’m not giving out details until it’s closer to completion. Also several collabs happening. Also more original stuff. Stuff., Twitter

  • The next Yes Mayhem album is in process! It includes Chunk, Stemage, Kevin from MM, and a ton of other people. The backbones are down, and we’re tracking like mad people. It will be one crazy album. More on this soon.
  • Chunk worked with James (Yes Mayhem’s singer) on a Guided by Voices tribute album called bee two thousand eleven. It’s a recreation of the old GBV album Bee Thousand in its entirely, but with their own take on it. AND IT’S FREE on

Danimal CannonFacebook, Twitter

  • Danimal put out an awesome chiptune album called Roots in November, which was nominated for Best Chip Release of 2011 by OSV.
  • He also put out an album with his original metal band, Weaponex featuring members of Arm Cannon. It’s slays.

Kirby PufociaTwitter

That’s it I guess. See you guys in Boston! New track next week!

Ridley is Waiting

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Stemage - Marble Madness
Yes, Mayhem (featuring members of MM)
Danimal Cannon